Business Mentoring

Professional business mentoring

Our business mentoring service is designed specifically for owners of small businesses, like you, who want to know that they have someone to turn to who can help them to tackle specific business issues and to help plan for profitable growth.

Our team of experienced mentors have successfully started, grown, funded and exited their own businesses.  E-mk business mentors work with you to provide a valuable source of information and support at any stage of your company’s growth.  We can often give you a fresh perspective on issues or challenges because we’re not personally involved with your business like other professional advisors or friends.

A question often asked by people new to mentoring is, why should I pay for a mentor when I can get one for free?  It’s a valid question.  We believe that in general, you get what you pay for in life.  E-mk provides an affordable, value for money, mentoring service.  Equally important to both parties is commitment.  You are far more likely to build a successful relationship and remain motivated and committed, with a paid for mentor.

The e-mk business mentoring service provides:

✔ access to experienced business mentors who have grown their own successful businesses

✔ friendly, professional mentoring to help you create a growth strategy for your business

Review your business and create a plan for future growth

E-mk’s business mentors can help you to take a step back and look objectively at your strengths and weaknesses.  We can also show you how you might capitalise on opportunities and mitigate threats.  If growth is your objective, we can help and guide you to develop an appropriate strategy.

We look together at where you are now and where you want to be.  We will help you to review your marketing, finance, operations and people plans and work with you to write an action plan that will focus you on your strategic goals.

Subscription based business mentoring

For an affordable, fixed cost, monthly fee, we will provide you with valuable and easily accessible professional business mentoring. Subscriptions are paid monthly in advance and can be cancelled at any time.

Contact us today to arrange a FREE, no obligation, initial meeting or telephone discussion.  You may learn a lot about yourself and your business and we’ll show you how an e-mk business mentor could help drive and guide your ambition for growth.