Advisory Board

An unbeatable offer for your growing business

Would your business benefit from some independent thinking? An e-mk Advisory Board could be the answer. No business is too small to benefit from having an advisory board. It is such a powerful management tool – can you afford to be without one? The e-mk Advisory Board Programme offers a refreshingly different and increasingly effective alternative to hiring “consultants” and “business coaches”. The Programme provides you with affordable access to an independent and impartial team of experienced...

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Are you looking for an investor? Do you know what investors are looking for in you?

Equity finance is a way of raising capital from external investors in return for a share of your business. Raising capital can be a time-consuming process and will require you to disclose a lot about your business, you and your management team. A key aspect is making sure you have suitable professional advisers working on your behalf. The first step in preparing to raise any type of capital is the production of a detailed business plan that includes a detailed marketing plan and realistic financial projections. Investors...

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Would your business benefit from some independent thinking?

Unsurprisingly, given the recommendations of the UK Corporate Governance Code, the use of non-executive directors is widespread in public companies.  Their role is to provide some independent input to the leadership of the organisation including acting as a sounding board for the executives and offering a critical assessment of the effectiveness of the management of the organisation.  So important are these activities that having too few non-executives or independent directors is often viewed as a sign of poor...

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