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Is the Customer King in your Business?

The Governor of the Bank of England recently gave an interview to a British broadsheet newspaper and in it he suggested that the retail banks in the UK were still putting short term profits ahead of customers’ interests.  I’m not going to wade into that debate but it got me thinking about the way in which customers interests’ are commonly viewed by businesses. It’s well-known that the lexicon of business is widely strewn with slogans and credos like “The customer is king” and “No-one...

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Business information is not the same as business advice!

There has been an explosion recently in the number of websites offering free business information and “advice.”  They are filling the vacuum left since the Government announced the demise of the traditional free Business Link service, which will be replaced with an upgraded website service that will provide business information only.  Face to face business advice will no longer be available from Business Link. Appropriate and free business information is a good thing and a valuable resource for any business, especially...

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When did you last review your business?

The business is up and running, you are focused on the day to day activities but do you know where the business is heading, or what is happening in your market sector. When was the last time you looked to the future? The need to review your business is obvious, but is often put off, a lot of owners and directors will come up with a list as long as your arm as to why they can’t find the time to. Personally I think that is short sighted, having worked with and advised over 450+ businesses, the vast majority felt that...

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