Your Advisory Board

Your Advisory Board – a refreshingly different approach to growing a successful business!

The e-mk advisory board programme is for ambitious owners of established SMEs, or start-ups with the potential for high-growth. Although you are highly motivated and ready to take your business to the next level of growth, it’s possible that you may lack the resources, experience and time to achieve this. This is where e-mk can help.

No business is too small to benefit from having an advisory board and an advisory board is such a powerful management tool that no small business should be without one.

So, what is an advisory board?

Imagine working with an independent team of experienced business leaders who have a genuine interest in your business and a desire to see it do well.  Your advisory board will serve as a source of ideas and expertise and give you honest advice. Most importantly, your advisory board will be on your side. With no axe to grind; we will listen to you and advise you. Above all, we want to contribute to the success of your business.

Your advisory board is there to advise. It does not have the statutory powers or obligations that a board does under the Companies Act 2006 and it doesn’t carry out its role in a way that e-mk’s advisers can be deemed directors. Your advisory board will focus on strategy and advice and will not be making decisions for you.  You will still have complete control of your business.

How it works

Following an initial business review meeting with the e-mk team, your advisory board will meet with you every three months and be available in the interim to offer helpful advice and caution against potential pitfalls. You will also be assigned a dedicated adviser who will meet with you monthly to work through strategic objectives and activities and act as a sounding board when you need one.

You will also have access to a small independent group of trusted specialists, with expertise in; finance, human resources, corporate law, website consultancy and marketing. This group provides professional support to e-mk and its clients.

Beyond this, the e-mk directors have built a strong network of public and private business support organisations and local government contacts that we can draw on to help our clients.

E-mk’s advisory board programme will help you to:

✔ increase your profits and productivity

✔ enter new markets and launch new products

✔ develop international markets

✔  become “investor ready”

✔  find private investor funding, debt finance and grants

✔  formulate an exit strategy

✔ develop your key business skills

✔ widen your network of business contacts

✔ remain focused on your objectives

Contact us today to arrange a FREE, no obligation, initial meeting. You may learn a lot about yourself and your business and we’ll show you how the e-mk advisory board programme could help drive and guide your ambition for growth.